6 Tips For An Instant Recovery After Rhinoplasty

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6 Tips For An Instant Recovery After Rhinoplasty


After a nose job, all patients will be guided with do’s and don’ts after the surgery. However, the most important deciding factor is whether the patient will recover quickly is the technique used. 

At Cygnus Clinic our expert surgeons use Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty technique, which is the most advanced technique in terms of quick recovery and natural results.  Even so, here are some tips that guarantee zero bruising and minimum swelling, leading to a recovery in no time:

1. Ice ice baby!

On the first night of the surgery the first priority is putting ice packing on  your eyes. Doing this will not only relieve the face but will also prevent bruising. The first area to potentially bruise is right above the cheeks and upper eyelids. It doesn’t have to lay on the nose but even if it reaches it, it is no problem because these packs aren’t heavy. 

The icing should be applied once every hour for about twenty minutes. When you sleep, it should be applied every three hours. On top of this we will provide you with an Arnica gel for bruising and instruct you how often to use.

2. Heads up!

The first night after the surgery our nurses will adjust the bed in a position that will make you sleep elevated. After the first night, we advise you to use a double pillow. This will encourage proper drainage. 

The first two nights, sleeping slightly upright, helps allow any blood in the tissues to leak out the nostrils. This is better than staying inside the tissues and causing swelling.Any bood leaking in the first days is normal and can easily be cleaned up with tissues. It is important not to blow your nose during this stage.

3. Rest!

During your recovery you should avoid heavy lifting as it puts pressure on your nose, something that we do not want since the stitches and the swelling are fresh. During the first week after rhinoplasty, you should not bend your head below your heart.

  • The day after the surgery: You may start walking.
  • Two weeks after the surgery: You may start doing cardio: jogging and running.
  • Two months after the surgery: You may start weight-lifting.  

4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

This one cannot be stressed enough. Drinking plenty of fluids after rhinoplasty will help flush outlaw of the toxins from the body and reduce swelling more quickly. It will also help to keep your mouth from getting dry since you will have to breathe through your mouth the first week after the surgery. So yes, water is your best friend after the surgery.

5. No salt please!

 Limiting salt and keeping an eye on your sodium intake will prevent fluid retention and reduce swelling. Therefore, especially the first week after the surgery, be sure to avoid salty foods or god forbid “putting extra salt” on your food.

6. Attention: Hot and Spicy!

The title speaks for itself. Hot meals and drinks along with spicy food should be avoided the first week after the surgery. The reason being, they can dilate the blood vessels and thereby increase bruising and swelling. No worries, for all the Indian and Mexican food lovers, good news: you can resume to your normal diet the second week after the surgery.

Apart from the medicine and creams we provide after the surgery, these are our golden tips that guarantee our patients no bruising, minimal swelling and no scarring left by the day their cast is removed from the nose.

While it may seem like so many steps to be careful for during the first week, keep in mind: what’s a little patience in return for a lifetime result?

If you want to book a free consultation for a rhinoplasty at Cygnus Clinic, contact us right away and we will get back to you within minutes!


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