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Covid-19 Safety Measures at Cygnus Clinic


In spite of the difficult and uncertain circumstances going on both locally and internationally, people will continue to have concerns that arise with dental health, body image, and hair loss. And they will continue to require skilled evaluations, treatment, as well as constant care.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic calls for us all to be more careful with ourselves as well as with others. This also applies, of course, to traveling for an aesthetic surgery procedure trip.

At Cygnus Clinic, your safety is always our top priority. Therefore, while closely monitoring the developments with COVID-19 under recent government instructions, we intend to ensure you that we take every precaution to guarantee a sterilized environment for you.

As Cygnus Clinic, we are taking every precaution regarding sanitation, disinfection, and general workplace hygiene to ensure that clients and employees enter a clean and safe environment. We understand that these tough times require an advanced level of precautions to keep our patients and our team members healthy. 

We would therefore kindly ask you to read these standards of conduct carefully and to respect them. Then you will find yourself in a highly safe environment. 

Covid-19 – Precautions for visiting our clinic

In Turkey, special pandemic hospitals were set up immediately after the first cases of COVID- 19 occurred. In Turkey, Covid-19 patients are only admitted to and treated in a selected pandemic hospital, equipped with special emergency medicine and technology to treat infected patients.

As our facility is an entirely private clinic, which focuses on cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics, hair transplantation and other similar treatments that are not contagious, no Covid-19 patient enters our clinic or is treated here.

1) Symptoms of Illness:

Before an appointment, our patients will be asked if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever or experiencing upper respiratory symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath. 
  • Sore throat, headache and lack of smell or taste. 
  • Patients coming to the clinic for scheduled appointments will be asked a series of questions about symptoms, have their body temperature measured and be asked to wear a mask. If a patient shows no symptom, they will be cleared to go to their appointment. If they show any symptom, they will be instructed to go home, monitor their symptoms and consider seeking medical attention while keeping in touch with us through a virtual visit. 
  • If a patient is considered to be in a high-risk category, the option of an online consultation will be encouraged.

2) Rules for Wearing Masks and Surgical Gloves at Clinic

We feel devoted to your health! Each patient of ours receives free of charge mouth and nose protection masks as well as proven disinfectants directly upon arrival in Turkey as a “welcome greeting”. Further masks are also provided in the clinic and in the hotel.

  • Each doctor and medical worker will be wearing a mask and surgical gloves from the beginning until the end of their shift.
  • When worn, masks should always cover the nose and chin.
  • Hands must be washed before and after touching your mask and surgical gloves. 
  • When eating or/and drinking, your mask should be stored in a clean and dry place.

3) Number of Patients and Visitors

We request that the patients eliminate or limit the number accompanying them to their appointments to one visitor per day. The visitors will be asked to wear a mask and have their body temperature checked. They will also be questioned for further health symptoms by answering questions. Most of the time, you will be the only patient in a given waiting area or another room.

4) Sanitization

Without exception, we follow strict sanitation and infection control protocols. Anyone coming into our clinic for a hair plastic surgery, dental treatment or hair transplantation procedure or consultation is given a mask and gloves upon entry.

  • For sanitation, we regularly use HEPA Filters in our operation rooms. HEPA Filters clean the microorganisms in the air. They are sprayed in a room every 2-3 minutes, enabling maintenance of fresh breathing air.
  • At the end of each operation, operating rooms are cleaned with disinfectant fluids.
  • Additionally, Ultraviolet C lamps are placed in the operating rooms. At the end of the surgical procedures the lamps are turned on. These lamps wipe out the bacteria, leaving the operating room clean until the next surgical procedure.
  • Aside from our routine post-care and nightly cleaning rules, through ought the day our staff regularly re-sanitizes the waiting area, equipment, doorways, and procedure rooms in our clinic between each patient to minimize risks. 

5) Minimum Distance

Health policy institutions in Turkey have placed strict measures to protect against the pandemic. Therefore, in our transfer vehicles, the clinic, the hotel – from the lobby, to the elevators, to the breakfast room – a minimum distance of 1.50 meters to the nearest person applies. Please urgently follow these instructions whenever possible – for your own protection as well as for the protection of your fellow human beings.

  • The minimum distance of 1.50 meters is guaranteed by Cygnus Clinic during each transfer by transporting our patients individually with a large MB VITO from and to their destinations. Each transfer service vehicle is disinfected on arrival and departure.
  • We will refer our patients exclusively to our hotel cooperation partners, where the options to keep the required minimum distance are perfectly given. Additionally, the hotel rooms are equipped with UV lamps.

6) Minimized Physical Contact

Since COVID-19, as a clinic, we have decided to minimize physical contact. For now, we will show our respect to patients with words, not by touch. Therefore, we have paused with shaking hands as a greeting. As a substitute, we apply the “smile instead of shake” mindset to ensure that virus transmission is stopped.

7) Medical Team

– In our clinic, we place great emphasis on consistent further training. Our team of doctors, including the entire clinic staff, are contingent upon regular training and precautionary measures to ensure that the individual programs are implemented correctly in terms of health policy and prophylaxis.

– If any of our team members have possible or definite exposure to COVID-19, they will be restricted from returning to work until their self-quarantine has ended. 

–  Likewise, any member of the team who has signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to return to work until completing a sufficient self-quarantine period.

As Cygus Clinic…

We will continue to take extra safety measures for our patients and offer in-person as well as virtual appointment, follow-up and post-procedure consultations via our Online Consultation Form. As of now, there is no reason for concern for neither our patients, nor our medical team. With the proper measures in place, we can assure the safety of everyone involved.

–  If we all take these guidelines into account and adhere to them together, we will increase the chances that we will be able to contain the threat of this virus even faster than before and lead our lives back to natural paths.

– For any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


İyi görün. İyi hisset.


İyi görün. İyi hisset.