Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul


Ethnic rhinoplasty describes specialized surgical techniques used to help patients of different ethnic groups who may have different aesthetic needs or goals based on their facial features.

 In the initial days of cosmetic surgery, patients from different ethnic origins could only opt to choose surgeries that catered to the mainstream services and didn’t address individual aesthetic needs.

In contrast, today’s qualified surgeons are trained to customize their technique to every client, producing results that are natural, ethnically suitable, and satisfying to the patient.

Part of our commitment as Cygnus Clinic is keeping up to date with new surgical techniques to help provide all of our coming patients with the surgery that will best help deliver the final results they deserve. This is why we perform ethnic rhinoplasty procedures.

What do we mean by “Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul”

Ethnic rhinoplasty is planned to take into consideration the geography in which the patient was born and their characteristic features, are prioritized. Africa, the Far East, the Pacific, and the Caribbean are known as the main regions for ethnic rhinoplasty surgery. 

For example, African American clients often request a broad nasal bridge reduced, or excessively prominent nostrils redefined and reshaped. It is common for our patients of African descent to have noses with shorter nasal bones and softer cartilage, and skin more vulnerable to visual scarring. Considering this, extra precautions to be delicate when performing rhinoplasty on these patients should be taken: 

In instances where an overly round tip requires additional cartilage, our surgeons will perform a graft, using tissue from another part of the patient’s body to fortify and support the nasal structure. Some plastic surgeons prefer to use synthetic implants due to the ease with which these can be placed.

 At Cygnus Clinic, our ethnic rhinoplasty in Istanbul surgeons only use tissue from the patient’s own body to have the safest, most natural and longest-lasting result. Cartilage from the ribs or ears can be used to strengthen the nasal tip or bridge shape, lending more strength to the profile. In many cases, cosmetic changes will serve to enhance breathing and nasal function entirely. 

What procedures are included during Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

  • Nose resizing
  • Nasal tip reshaping
  • Nose narrowing
  • Cartilage retrieval
  • Nasal back enlargement
  • Nose modelling

Why is ethnic rhinoplasty needed?

Despite the fact that many people think that ethnic rhinoplasty doesn’t differ from classical rhinoplasty, it is a maximally personalized surgery. 

Apart from all this, it is not right to perform the popular rhinoplasty procedure, which is suitable for a single skin structure, for people with different skin structures. At this point, the nose design that is appropriate to the person’s face and bone structure is of great significance. It should be kept in mind that those small and thin noses do not always bring the desired result. 

Which technique is used for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

From a technical point of view, ethnic rhinoplasty is not performed in some other way than classical rhinoplasty. The process is carried out in two different techniques closed and open, in harmony with the needs and desires of the patient.

Open Ethnic Rhinoplasty

In an open rhinoplasty technique, a tiny incision will be made at the base of the nose, granting the doctor full access to the underlying structure.

Closed Ethnic Rhinoplasty

In a closed rhinoplasty, the incisions will be made only in the nasal cavity of the patients.

Our ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon will determine which surgical technique is the most suitable for you based on your anatomical structure.

 For more information about rhinoplasty techniques, read our article: Closed Rhinoplasty or Open Rhinoplasty? Which one is better?

What other technical aspects should be considered?

From the surgeon’s point of view: It is important to have knowledge of skin types. Because different skin types have different susceptibilities to postoperative complications. Thus, the surgeon should understand not only the external appearance of the patient but also the cultural background and individual beauty standards while planning the treatment and operating in accordance.

For instance, the African skin type is known to be prone to keloid scar formation and unusual changes in skin pigment after aesthetic operations. A surgeon with this knowledge performs the operation taking precautions to minimize keloid formation and creating incisions that can be hidden (for open rhinoplasty). 

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

Ethnic rhinoplasty is successfully performed in Istanbul using high-tech devices and methods under the guidance of experienced surgeons. Istanbul, the ideal location for personalized treatment to patients from all over the world, is an ideal spot for ethnic rhinoplasty.

Plastic surgery procedures in Istanbul are not only performed in premium quality world standards but they are also offered at an affordable price compared to the rest of the world’s top-quality locations for such procedures.

How should the final outcome look?

Everyone’s opinion of the “ideal” nose is different. What matters to us is offering our patients the surgical method needed to help them look and feel their very best following their plastic surgery. This is why we offer all of our prospective patients complimentary plastic surgery consultations, where we can discuss their goals thoroughly and review their possible results by consulting before and after pictures from previous patients to help determine their most valuable surgical journey. 


İyi görün. İyi hisset.


İyi görün. İyi hisset.