Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty Technique: Which one is best?

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Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty Technique: Which one is best?


One of the most common dilemmas of future Rhinoplasty patients is:

Which technique is better, Open or Closed Rhinoplasty?

You want the short answer? Neither is better than the other. Which rhinoplasty procedure is performed varies depending on what the patient requires.

Out of all rhinoplasty procedures performed at Cygnus clinic, about 30% are closed, and the other 70% are open Rhinoplasty(s).

The incision areas involved in both types of surgeries are shown in the illustration, below.

What are the advantages of a CLOSED rhinoplasty procedure?

As seen on the illustration above, the skin under the nose tip is left as it normally is.

By “closed rhinoplasty” we mean that all of the incisions made are on the inside of the nostrils, i.e. no part of the incision can be evident on the outside, and a visible scar is prevented.

The key positives of the closed rhinoplasty technique, when it fits a patient’s nose reshaping requirements, are:

·  Incisions are made on the inside

·  There tends to be less swelling in the nose tip

·  Swelling that does occur tends to resolve more quickly 

What are the advantages of an OPEN rhinoplasty procedure?

  • An “open rhinoplasty” enables the surgeon to get more direct surgical access to all of the internal structure of the nose that is being reshaped, particularly of the tip.
  • The open rhinoplasty technique is highly useful for performing on more complicated noses that require more significant reshaping or breathing corrections.
  • For instance, patients who wish to reduce their large/square tip of the nose or correct previous unsuccessful surgeries or traumas to their nasal structures are usually going to need an OPEN rhinoplasty technique. 

What considerations are used in choosing either an Open Rhinoplasty or a Closed Rhinoplasty?

Closed Rhinoplasty is performed in cases:

-a patient’s nose reshaping goals don’t require large and complex internal corrections, but rather would like to mainly improve the shape of their nose.

– it is a patient’s first rhinoplasty surgery rather than a revision rhinoplasty.

On the other hand, Open Rhinoplasty is preferred if:

– A patient has several points needing to be corrected or adjusted, or if they’ve already had a prior nose surgery or nose trauma, an open rhinoplasty is the optimal choice. 

The reason for that is, any previous trauma or damage to the nose area can affect the septum and the internal tissues. Consequently, such damage may not be visible until you check inside when performing the surgery.

-Also, if there’s a large dorsal hump needing considerable reduction, or nose bridge narrowing to be done, this will again, require an Open Rhinoplasty technique.

-The same applies to crooked noses or hanging tips that a patient wants to minimize and correct.

-Often, a septoplasty (a surgery for treating nasal blockage) is necessary to ensure the breathing is normal as possible and the nose is as straight as possible. This too requires the open surgical technique.

In fact, any correction related to the Septum to fix breathing issues or mild sleep apnea, will involve an Open approach for most patients.

At Cygnus Clinic, all Rhinoplasty procedures are performed with none bruising and rapid healing techniques.

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