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The Beauty Procedures Trends for 2024


The Covid19 crisis has caused consumers to reflect on emotional and physical good. For cosmetic trends, safety and authenticity would be more valuable than ever, both from physical and mental perspective.

This year, it’s about being a little more natural. Just as in other areas of life, restoring the balance between nature and science applies as well to beauty and aesthetic procedures.

 Most our patients wish to be sexy, and sexy means confident rather than unnecessarily over-exaggerated. So, we think that we are getting over the era of Kardashians where everything is so pronounced and obvious, and patients are opting more for small little treatments, they want to look like the best versions of their selves.

1. Small adjustments

– We all know friends, acquaintances or celebrities who simply look “overdone” and unlike themselves anymore. Unnaturally full lips, extra-puffy cheeks, and other disproportionate parts of the face are either a sign of over-injected fillers, filler injected in the wrong areas, lack of experience of the person performing it, or altogether.

 This mindset is replaced with little treatments trend. We call it filler highlights. Sprinkling small amounts throughout the face can make great difference when injected properly; right area, right place, with just the right amount of support. So, a little touch in the cheeks, little touch in the lips, a little touch to unwanted lines. The goal is looking youthfully fresh rather than unrecognizable.

However, let’s keep in mind that this only works for people who have been maintaining for a long time. If you’re someone who has never done any maintenance then you may not be a candidate for such treatments.

2. Pucker up, it’s Lip Lift time

More and more women are trading lip fillers for a Lip Lift. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers may offer a quick fix but last short term, and people opt for a permanent solution such as lip lift. With this surgery, the lips turn out rolled out and rejuvenated, just a perfect substitute for a lip liner!  

As for the recovery, a bit of concealer may be needed for up to six weeks after the surgery, but not only it is worth the patience, but the scar may be covered with a surgical mask- something we all wear during the world pandemic anyhow, so nobody will even spot it!

For the scarring to completely fade after the procedure, it is crucial to have a cosmetic surgeon who understands the upper lip anatomy and is well-experienced in meticulous planning and suturing.

3. Sculpting the Jawline

Let’s face it, we live in a selfie world. When we take photos of our own face, we can actually notice that our faces aren’t completely symmetrical- we all have a better side for taking pictures. Instagram filters and face-reshaping apps are used more than ever, where face-reshaping is the most used feature. Correspondingly, this has contributed to people interested in enhancing their jawline and skin perfection.

 “Enhancing jawline is the top-injectable procedure I perform on patients. It highlights the parts where they felt like needed more definition and contouring. Between 120 and 130 degrees represents an ideal angle for women.”

  – Because of jaw fillers also known as masseter Botox, chin implant procedures have decreased. Once you get the jawline countered and defined, without any down time needed, you can go to dinner that same night and show off” says Dr. Tolga.

#4 Mini Boob Job over Big Implants

When you think of Breast Augmentation, a few cups increased in size might come to your mind. While that is surely an option, these days many women opt for natural breast looking size, choosing smaller-breast implants.

There are many reasons for this: some women seek comfort during exercise or activity, others would like to get back their pre-pregnancy breast shape, and some simply want to correct breast asymmetry and/or make them look plumper.

-“While the size of implants used in standard breast augmentation is between 275 and 400 cc. the new mini is between 150cc and 275 cc.” reveals Dr. Ozgur.

#5 Two in one

Combined procedures are already gaining popularity and will see a rise in the future!

Time-saving. As we live in a fast-paced world, getting more than one procedure done on the same day seems like an exciting and at the same time relieving idea. It requires a single recovery period, in contrast to doing multiple procedures multiple times i.e. taking more time off-work or social activities. So, most people are thinking: since I have my appointment on this date, why not strike two flies in one swing? 

Decreased cost. Another pro of combining procedures depending on the type, means that there are less times needed to travel (coming for a consultation, procedure, post/procedure checkup and back), less hospital expenses (room, anesthesia, medicine etc.), and therefore, less cost for the patient.

 At Cygnus Clinic, among the most combined procedures include:

 -Rhinoplasty with Facial fillers

– BBL with Tummy Tuck

– Breast Reduction with Liposuction

-Facelift with Eyelid Surgery

All in all, trend is not always better and it is not what we at Cygnus Clinic always do the most. In fact, one of the most common procedures performed by our team are Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeover, and Liposuction. The reason why they may not be trending is because they already are so strong and still count as the most performed cosmetic procedures overall.

This year, more than ever, long term-attractiveness will be in the rise, but through maintaining personal identity. The goal is not to change one’s facial or body structure or make them look any different, but rather make them look a better version of themselves.

Stay beautiful,

Cygnus Medical Team


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