Will my breasts look natural after breast augmentation?

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Will my breasts look natural after breast augmentation?


This year, more than ever, long term-attractiveness will be in the rise, but through maintaining personal identity. The goal is not to change one’s facial or body structure or make them look any different, but rather make them look a better version of themselves.

Will breasts look natural after breast augmentation?

 “Will my breasts look natural after breast augmentation?” is the question many women ask when considering a breast augmentation surgery.

After all, many women’s main concern when undergoing breast augmentation surgery is having their breasts look more natural, regardless of their reason for the surgery; whether breast asymmetry, losing breast tissue due to pregnancy or weight loss/gain, simply wish for a change in size.

Our surgeons at Cygnus Clinic have several years of experience performing breast augmentations, and they are here to offer these tips to ensure that your breasts look and feel natural after surgery.

The Drop of Breast Implants

Instantly after breast augmentation, your implants may feel very tight, large and sit high on your chest. This is completely expected and nothing to be worried about. It’s merely because your skin is swollen and chest muscles are reacting to the insertion of the breast implants. Once the skin begins healing from the incisions and muscles begin to relax, your implants will settle into the tissue area that was designed for them by the surgeon. Though the time period when implants begin to drop varies from patient to patient. Most implants begin to drop a couple of days following surgery with them reaching their final position after maximum six months.

Massaging the breasts post-operation will speedup up this process by allowing natural movement.

 Another factor affecting how fast will your implants drop is implant placement technique used.

Implant Placement: Above or Behind the Pectoral Muscle?

By “above the pectoral muscle” we mean that the implant is positioned between the breast tissue and the chest muscle. In contrast, “behind the pectoral muscle” translates to having the implant positioned under the chest muscle.

Implants look and feel more natural when they are covered by a lot of natural breast tissue. For women who have little natural breast tissue, placing the implants under the pectoral muscle gives them a more natural appearance. Sub muscular implants take longer to drop because the muscle needs more time to relax.

 On the other hand, for women who have enough natural tissue and the implant chosen is not too large, an over the muscle placement could result in a natural end-result as well!

All in all, when using the right implants in the correct position, both techniques can and should lead to natural looking results when in hands of a skilled plastic surgeon.

It should be kept in mind that excessively large breast implants may not look or feel natural, so the next important factor to consider is implant size.

Size and Shape Matter.

First, let’s agree on this one. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be considering breast augmentation, would you? Many of our patients visit our clinic already having in mind the type and shape of implant they want. However, it’s vital to discuss your breast augmentation goals with your plastic surgeon for you to benefit from their expert opinion. Mainly, silicone implants tend to have a more natural look and feel compared to saline implants, but saline implants too can appear natural if they aren’t placed too high or overfilled.

Now when it comes to shape, there are two types of implants: teardrop implants and round implants. As opposed to round implants, teardrop implants, better mimic the natural shape of the breast.

round shaped implant can show more upper breast volume and therefore might be easier to notice, particularly when wearing summer clothes that show cleavage.

On the other hand, teardrop looking implants could be more associated to natural large breast shape, unless you’re wearing a high push-up bra to enhance the breasts like Victoria Secret Models do. Either way, your plastic surgeon will choose the safest and most natural-looking alternative to fit in your body dimensions.

Your Own Breast Tissue Decides…

Another crucial point to consider is the natural breast tissue to implant size proportion.

The amount of breast tissue that you naturally have will significantly affect your breast augmentation results.

If you’d like your new breasts to be much larger than your current size, remember that you still must consider the limitations of your breast tissue. After all, your breast and skin still have to adjust to the implant, therefore stretching the breast tissue beyond its limits is out of the question. Breast implants that are too large for your own breast tissue can cause long-term damage to the tissues and place you at increased risk for implant-related complications.

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